Jaguar Heritage 57 Collection

Jaguar Heritage 57 Collection

The range of Jaguar branded items has been created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the marque's iconic D-type racing car, and the 1957 race winning model, the number three 'Eurie Ecosse'.

Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar, said: "Occasionally it's great fun to celebrate the past, especially something as momentous as a winning Ecurie Ecosse D-Type.

"The collection is distinguished by the blue flag and draws on signature cues from the winning No.3 car."

Amongst the items is a 'Heritage '57' brown leather jacket, embossed with Jaguar's retro heritage logo. It's made from high-end leather from world-renowned supplier Pittards.

Also making an appearance is a racing hold-all, again crafted by Pittards. It's emblazoned with the '3' roundel of the Eurie Ecosse and features buckle detailing based on the D-Type's bonnet straps.

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